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Design Process

Good design can be a lot of things. It can be a visual distillation of an entire company, rarified down to it's essential identity... or a single message delivered in a passing glance. It's success can be measured in how effectively technical data is communicated, or it can be something as ineffable as a vibe. It can grab attention, direct the eye, prioritize information, or evoke emotion.

It can stand out or it can blend in.


It should be what you need it to be.


Let's look at what you need and what you need it to do. What's your vision? Media? Budget? We'll figure it out...


Establish a direction, come up with some options, and create a plan.

Now let's get it done. Done on schedule and done right. It's time to get your message out there.



Anticipate growth and plan for the future. I'll make sure our work can be expanded upon or repurposed for different avenues.

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who is
Ty Connally?

Third generation artist, natural-born designer, graphics nerd.


Growing up around paste-up boards and painting studios, I took an early interest in art. My dad was an old-school (pre computer) graphic artist and my mom a watercolor painter and art teacher. Then in 1992 I took my first steps into the burgeoning world of computer graphics when I installed Photoshop Version 1.5 from dozens of floppy disks onto our PowerMac. Little did I know this would be the start of my career.


Now, with over 25 years experience in professional graphics, I have vast swaths of knowledge and experience in marketing,  print publishing, prepress, web design, promotional products, photography, and digital media. Formerly, Art Director for the Worm's Way Group and Lead Designer for Indiana Metal Craft, I understand what businesses need from graphics and marketing.  

I've been a proud resident of Bloomington, Indiana since 1995. You can spot me kicking around the hills and hollers of Monroe County, enjoying some grub at local restaurants, or you might even catch me pickin' on my guitar around town. I've never met a stranger, so if you see me, say hello.


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